Cafe Chilli is the result of nearly five years of progress, learning and lots of Thai food (served and eaten!)

In 2010 we arrived back from Khaowong, Kalasin in Thailand to open The Green Mango as our first venture into the restaurant world. It was a great experience and a very steep learning curve! After nearly five years we thought it was time to make some drastic changes to the menu and to update the decor, but we quickly realised this would pretty much change our identity. So we went with it!

We wanted to swerve away from the generic Thai menu seen in most Thai restaurants and incorporate some fusion dishes, which are becoming increasingly popular in Bangkok. But fear not! The traditional Thai food we serve is as Thai as it comes!

Our Thai chef Lek has over 20 years of experience and his knowledge of Thai cuisine and ingredients will ensure your food will be of the highest quality. We are always working together to think of new and exciting special dishes.

Whether you’re after a quick lunch dish, or a three-course meal, we have something for everyone. And despite the name, not everything is spicy!

Hope to see you soon,

Sebastian and Suchani