Thai prawn crackers. Served with sweet chilli sauce (gf) £2.95

Vegetable spring rolls. Everyone’s favourite! (v) £4.95

Thai fish cakes. We love eating these at the Thai night markets! Seasoned with aromatic Thai herbs. £5.95

Sesame prawn & chicken toast. Another good one for eating when you’re out and about! £5.95

Chicken satay. The smell of these from the street vendor’s grill is enough to lure you in! £5.95

Crispy chilli squid. Crispy squid with salt, black pepper and fresh red chilli. Try it. Love it. £5.95

Duck spring rolls. Plump rolls filled with duck and spring onion. £5.95

Sweetcorn & sweet potato fritters. A twist on the classic sweetcorn fritter. (v) £4.95

Thai sausage. If you ever travel to Northern Thailand, be sure not to miss this! Pork sausage packed with Thai herbs. (gf) £5.95

Chilli coconut bites. What two flavours sum up Thailand better? Your choice of vegetables or prawns in a crispy coconut and chilli coating. Prawns £5.95 / vegetables £4.95

Garlic pork ribs. You need to pick these up to get stuck in! Succulent pork ribs, grilled and stir-fried with yummy garlic. £5.95

Golden Crab. Crispy soft shell crab, topped with a garlic sauce. No need to fiddle with shells, you can eat the lot! £6.95

Sharing platter for 2. Chicken satay, prawn & chicken toast, Thai fish cakes and Thai sausage £14.95

Vegetarian sharing platter for 2. Spring rolls, sweetcorn & sweet potato fritters, crispy vegetable parcels and deep-fried tofu. (v) £13.95


Vegetable or chicken £6.50 / prawn £6.95

Tom Yum. The famous hot and sour soup! It’s Thailand in a bowl! Packed with lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves and chilli. (gf)

Tom Kha. A lovely aromatic soup with coconut milk, galangal and Thai herbs. (gf)

Street Food Snacks

Great as a starter, or to share as part of your main course!

Som Tam. Spicy papaya salad, with lime, chilli, fish sauce and peanuts. (gf) £6.95

Thai beef salad. Slices of topside tossed in a spicy lime and chilli dressing with cucumber and tomato. (gf) £7.95

Waterfall Duck. We love this dish from Esaan (North-Eastern Thailand) Roast duck topped with lime, chilli and Thai herbs. £8.95

Beach Hut Seafood. Popular in the fishing villages in Thailand. Mixed seafood tossed in a zingy lime and chilli dressing. (gf)  £8.95

Laab. Another great dish from the North-East, but loved all over Thailand. Chicken or beef mixed with a hot and sour dressing and rice powder (gf) £7.95


Green Curry. Maybe the most popular Thai dish ever! With coconut milk, bamboo and aubergine. (gf) Vegetable £7.50 / chicken £7.95 / prawn £8.95

Amazing Thailand. Luxurious green curry served in a young coconut. The coconut flesh adds an extra special taste and texture. (gf) Big king prawns or mixed seafood £12.95

Red Curry. Very similar in taste to the green curry. The only difference is the colour of the chillies! (gf) Vegetable £7.50 / chicken £7.95 / prawn £8.95

Paneng. This has a thicker sauce than the red and green curries, with cumin lime leaves and peanuts being extra flavours. (gf) Vegetable £7.50 / chicken £7.95 / prawn £8.95

Chicken Massaman. Originating from the south of Thailand, this is a slow-cook curry with potatoes, peanuts and warm spices such as cinnamon and star anise. (gf) £7.95

Roast duck curry. From the kitchens of the Thai royal family! Rich red curry sauce, roast duck, lychees, grapes, pineapple and tomato. £9.95

Cafe Chilli Curry. A variation of the red curry, with mixed vegetables, tofu and morning glory, a riverside vegetable from Thailand. (v) (gf) £7.50

Jungle curry. A spicy, fragrant curry without coconut milk. Fresh Thai herbs finish it off! (gf) Vegetable £7.50 / chicken £7.95 / prawn £8.95

Stir Fry

Vegetable £7.50 / chicken £7.95 / prawn £8.50

Ginger. This stir-fry has a real zing! Ginger, spring onions and black mushrooms create a light and tasty dish.

Cashew. Originating from China, this classic stir-fry has cashews and a hint of roasted chilli paste.

Cafe Chilli Stir-Fry. Red curry paste is used to make this spicy stir-fry. Fresh Thai herbs give it an extra lift.

Holy Basil. A real favourite for Thai people at lunch time! Made with Thai holy basil, garlic and chilli.


Crying Tiger. Strips of grilled beef sirloin on a sizzling hot plate. Served with a tamarind dipping sauce. £11.95

Volcano Chicken. Half a chicken marinated in coconut milk and Thai herbs for 24 hours. Served on a sizzling hot plate with a tamarind dipping sauce and sweet chilli sauce on the side. £10.95

Half-Moon Duck. Slices of roast duck stir-fried with roasted chilli paste, cashews and pineapple. £11.95

Oh My Buddha! Beef. Succulent grilled beef sirloin, stir-fried with an aromatic lemongrass sauce. Will make you say “OMB”! £13.95

-Golden Mountain Pork. Slow-cooked pork leg in a delicious tangy red sauce. Topped with homemade crackling. £10.50

Angry Duck. Bursting with flavour! Slices of roast duck stir-fried with garlic, chilli, lemongrass and Thai basil. £11.95

Royal Orchid Beef. Strips of grilled sirloin topped with a black pepper sauce and crispy onion rings. £13.95


I Love Salmon. Crispy fillet of salmon topped with a special peanut curry sauce. Served on a bed of morning glory and topped with our special crispy rolls. £12.95

Emperor Prawns. Big king prawns topped with a special chu chi curry sauce. Topped with our special crispy rolls. £11.95

Sesame Ginger Cod. Cod fillet coated in a crispy sesame coating, with a ginger sauce. Topped with crispy onion rings. £10.95

Samui Smile. Mixed seafood in a creamy red curry sauce with Thai herbs. Topped with our special crispy rolls. £11.95

Seafood Sunrise. Mixed seafood stir-fried with garlic, chilli and Thai herbs. £11.95

Heavenly Sea Bass. Sea bass in an aromatic coconut, lemongrass and galangal sauce. £13.95

Pla Neung Manow. Fresh and healthy! Steamed sea bass with a simple but delicious lime, chilli and garlic sauce. £13.95

Floating Market Fish. Paddle over and experience the variety of Thai herbs from the market! Whole, crispy sea bass topped with lime, chilli, green mango and Thai herbs. £13.95

Noodles, rice and sides

Pad Thai Noodles. Classic Thai street food! Rice stick noodles stir-fried with egg, beansprouts and tamarind sauce. Vegetable £7.50 / chicken £7.95 / prawn £8.50

Spicy Drunken Noodles. This has a real kick to it! Flat noodles stir-fried with garlic, chilli and Thai herbs. Vegetable £7.50 / chicken £7.95 / prawn £8.50

Pad Si-Ew. Flat noodles stir-fried with soy sauce, egg and vegetables. Vegetable £7.50 / chicken £7.95 / prawn £8.50

Steamed Jasmine Rice. The backbone of Thai cuisine. Eaten every day! (v) (gf) £2.95

Sticky Rice. Eaten in the North and North-East of Thailand. (v) (gf) £2.95

Coconut Rice. (v) (gf) £3.95

Egg Fried Rice. (v) (gf) £3.95

Plain Noodles. Rice noodles topped with roasted garlic. (v) (gf) £2.95

Stir-fried morning glory (Thai vegetable) Cooked with garlic and chilli. £6.25

Pad Pak. Mixed vegetables in a light oyster sauce.£5.95

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements or allergies before ordering.

(v) = vegetarian (gf) = gluten-free